Peace of mind, from idea through to production

At Gembah, we help companies to make products better, faster, and cheaper. Our product build and supply chain experience, paired with true local expertise makes us an ideal partner for anyone looking to bring a new product to life.

If you are looking to develop a new product, we can help you with specs, factory sourcing, quotes, prototypes, negotiation right through to monitoring production. If you are already in production, we can help you assess the quality of your current factory and logistics, propose alternatives if needed, formalize testing and QC, and provide real-time tracking for total visibility and control.

No need for a sourcing agent or any other go-between

We are your team overseas. One that works as a direct extension of your company. No need for a broker or local rep to get things done. We’ll assemble a team of experts in your product field, provide them with detailed instructions based on your specific needs, bringing critical cost savings and invaluable transparency to the production process.